Unappreciated Scholars MiniCast Episode 3 – Seeming (band) watches while the world burns


It’s somehow already time for episode 3 of this here MiniCast, available exclusively on Aggro Driver ’81 On Demand. This week’s featured band is Seeming, the New York based act that is running rampage on the underground (Madness & Extinction review on idieyoudie.com). Featured on the MiniCast is “My Body is Always Screaming”, a song […]

Unappreciated Scholars MiniCast Episode 2: Victor Love (Dope Stars, Inc.) is taking the business out of music.


Episode 2 is live on Aggro Driver ’81! Victor Love, of Dope Stars, Inc. fame, is pissed off. Social media and the music business have radically changed how information is disseminated, and he’s had enough of the BS. This week’s MiniCast is fully dedicated to Victor Love’s project titled The Network. Check out the project […]

Review: Of Tanz Victims – “Fighting False God” reissue full of early industrial glitchiness


Industrial music is challenging – often completely lacking in actual music instruments, it’s a heavy handed genre that’s way out on the fringe,only occasionally dabbling in the mainstream. It is famous for relying heavily on sampled sounds and voices arranged together to form songs. Anything that can be recorded can be sampled and processed into […]

Unappreciated Scholars MiniCast Episode 1: Star Industry


The studio was a frosty 93° F. I misplaced my outline. The laptop fan kicked on at the end of the show, no doubt due to the aforementioned 93° F. But the first episode of the Unappreciated Scholars Mini-Cast has been completed and is now available on Aggro Driver ’81 On Demand. This week, I […]

Metal Monday 13.7.15 – “99 Ways to Die”


Another week, another Monday of metal. This time, it’s over to one of the big four who, on July 18th 1995, released a (possibly ironically titled) EP called “Hidden Treasures”. That band is Megadeth. The song is “99 Ways to Die”. This isn’t the first recorded appearance of this song, as it first appeared on […]

How to Access the Unappreciated Scholars Mini-Cast on Aggro Driver ’81


In conjunction with Aggro Driver ’81, we have officially launched the Unappreciated Scholars MiniCast and Metal Monday with Kevin Dillon. In order to hear these shows, you’ll need the official Aggro Driver’ 81 app, available for smartphones and tablets. The show, which is no more than 10 minutes long, will feature a quick talk section […]

Trails Across a Dark Ocean: Scene Noir – Waves


You’ll be forgiven if your immediate thought on hearing Waves’ first track is that you’ve found an undiscovered Sisters of Mercy album. Though Montreal band Scene Noir bills itself as dream pop, the goth tones are evident, and lead vocalist Andrew Velvet’s near-bass-range voice against the dreamy background recalls Andrew Eldritch at his “ashes and […]

Quick Hits 07.07.2015 – Mindless Self Indulgence; Have New Order completely lost it?


Mindless Self Indulgence find ‘lost’ album, to be released September 18 Earlier this month, Mindless Self Indulgence announced the upcoming release of PINK, an album of songs recorded throughout the 90s that were never actually released. Included in the set are covers of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” (thank God for another one of those – […]

Metal Monday 6.7.15 – “Aim, Gorge, and Win”


Bit of a tenuous link this week. In movie news, “Jurassic World” is still dominating the U.S box office and over the weekend it became the fifth highest grossing movie of all time with it’s current tally at approx $1.3 billion dollars. So how is this linked to metal you ask? Well it just so […]

Review: Felix da Housecat keeps it chill with “Narrative of Thee Blast Illusion”


House stalwart Felix da Housecat is returning with a new album, Narrative of Thee Blast Illusion, to be released on July 10, 2015. The album is, overall, smoother than other recent Felix da Housecat releases. It stays in a safe zone in most spots, but there are some experimental aspects to the record that keep […]

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