Review: Thorns of Sin – “Destroy the Light”


Thorns of Sin is one a man metal project and “Destroy the Light” is right up your alley if melodic death is your bag. It’s got the melodic Gothenburg sound in tracks like “Lingering Souls of Lucedio” and most of the songs embrace the theatrical element that Dimmu Borgir bring to the table especially evident […]

Review: Mercy Brown – “Mercy Brown”


The only thing that I ever knew about Spokane, Washington was that there is a play called “A Behanding in Spokane”. Now, thanks to this record, I know two things in relation to Spokane. Mercy Brown are not satisfied with trying to separate your hand from your body however, but are rather going straight for […]

Review: Ego Likeness “When the Wolves Return”


Ego Likeness, created by Steven Archer and Donna Lynch, have been recording songs and touring around the world since their inception in 1999. This is a band with a clear voice, and it’s refreshing and powerful. In a scene where so many acts are carbon copy replications of one another, Ego Likeness stand out above […]

Kanye: His Own Personal Yeezus


It took me a while to come to this conclusion – about twenty four hours in fact. The previous night, I sat down to watch the Glastonbury coverage on BBC and it was the night that Kanye West was headlining the Pyramid Stage (essentially the main stage). I sat there and watched his performance and […]

Quick Hits: 07.01.2015 – 3TEETH, Upcoming Reviews, and Kev Does Kanye


Been awhile since we’ve had one of these Quick Hits posts hasn’t it? Let’s dive right in. 3TEETH Tease New Album Earlier this year, 3TEETH unleashed a new track titled “Sell Your Face” assumably to show off that haunting guitar riff and to raise excitement over a potential follow-up to last year’s amazing self-titled debut. […]

The Autumn Stones’ ESCAPISTS (2015) is your summer holiday


Smooth and suave, The Autumn Stones’ sophomore release is the perfect summer soundtrack — with a bite. Behind the sexy vocals and simmering saxophone that evoke a dreamy world-as-it-might-be stand taut, no-bullshit lyrics about the world as it is. The combination is a cocktail worth a long drink. Good thing, because you won’t be able […]

Metal Monday 29.6.15 – “One Man Metal”


For Metal Monday this week, I’ve decided to something a bit different. Rather than fire up another classic metal cut I’ve chosen a Noisey documentary called “One Man Metal”. It’s a fascinating look at three black metal musicians, and the alienation that they feel as one man bands. You don’t have to watch it all […]

New Release: Falls Beautiful single by nTTx


Former Atomzero singer and vocalist Gord Clement embarks on a new EBM journey with nTTx. “Falls Beautiful”, the lead single from the upcoming EP to be released in the fall, is available on Bandcamp as a Pay What You Want item. The single also features a cover of the Depeche Mode classic “New Dress”, updated […]

Review: Machinista “Garmonbozia”


Too often, lead vocalists for electronic bands all mesh together and sound the same. Usually it’s an attempt at ripping off Camouflage or Depeche Mode, but regardless, differentiating between different singers in electronic music can be an incredible challenge. However, Machinista is not one of those bands. John Lindqwister, vocalist and songwriter, immediately establishes himself […]

Metal Monday 22.5.15 – “Am I evil? Yes I am!”


An album that influenced a generation, but never got the recognition it deserved was “Lightning to the Nations” by Diamond Head which turns 35 this year. Our own Steven Shreve covered it on this very site as his “Unappreciated Album of the month” in May. Rather than just regurgitate what Steven did, I’m going to […]