Songs I’ll Never Skip: Rugged Man – Definition of a Rap Flow


Hello. I’ve never been good at introductions but given that this is my first post on I thought it polite to give you a little background on just who this new interloper actually is. My name is Martin Dixon, also known as “BunnySuicida” (if you really must know about my nom de plume,  just […]

Unappreciated MiniCast Episode 6: Dystopian Electronic that Sounds Uplifting – Advance


Advance are tearing it up in the UK with an incredible mix of strong vocals and lyrics with sound production and instrumentation. The debut release of Analogue Trash has been reissued as a double-disc set featuring some very interesting remixes of the original album tracks, plus some new stuff including a cover of Madonna’s “Frozen” […]

Review: Opensight – “Ulterior Motives”


This. This record is special. Like the best releases, I don’t know how to quite put my finger on why I dug this release so much.  Opensight are a band that are clearly influenced by cinema in the imagery created in the lyrics, but also in the bombastic music they create. The best way I […]

Yesterday’s Mañana: the brilliant “Interruptions”


In 2007, the Basel, Switzerland-based band Mañana was poised on the edge of stardom. They’d toured Europe on the strength of their 2005 EP, Fast Days. Their single “Miss Evening” had received worldwide exposure when it was featured on the FIFA 2005 soundtrack. EP. A German record company had offered them a lucrative album contract, […]

Metal Monday Minicast: Episode 3


Greetings all! I hope your Monday is not sucking the life out of you, as it did mine. But enough about me, let’s talk metal! I was going to subtitle this episode “metal in unexpected places” but that conjures up all kinds of weird connotations, so I (wisely) decided against it. Essentially, I’m taking a […]

Unappreciated MiniCast Episode 5 – Mlada Fronta dials it back, still brings the punch


After taking last week off for an extended weekend out of town, Steven is back this week with a new MiniCast bringing you a missed gem from earlier this year. Mlada Fronta has done a little bit of everything there is to do in the electronic music world, but their most recent album Polygon is […]

Empathy for the Apathy: Plike’s film-noir EP


A tinkle of music-box bells and an eerie sample: “Strange, children… they never forget.” Thus begins Plike‘s EP Empathetic Apathy — its first track, “Attachment Theory,” an intoxicating brew of vocal samples, arcing string sounds and delicate electronica: a horror movie encapsulated in a song. That ability to blend the delicate with the disturbing is […]

Unappreciated Scholars MiniCast Episode 4 – Relic brings a fresh take on the 90s with ̶...


Sam Son Recording Studio is back up and running – rather, the air conditioner is, the rest of it was never not running, but you try recording podcasts in un-air conditioned rooms when it’s 100 degrees F outside – so the audio quality of this week’s episode is back to standard quality rather than the […]

Beat the Summer Heat with IIOIOIOII’s “Post Brimstone” EP


IIOIOIOII – pronounced simply “eye-oh” – is a one-person electro act created by Christopher Gurney in 2012. On his sophomore release, Post Brimstone, IIOIOIOII has crafted an EP that would make a fantastic soundtrack for calm summer evenings. The EP, which was released in June, is strong right out of the gate. Mellow synthpop sometimes features […]

Metal Monday Minicast Episode 2


Welcome to Episode 2 of the Unappreciated Scholars Metal Monday Minicast hosted by me, Kevin Dillon and kindly facilitated by Aggrodriver ’81. This week we’re listening to some industrial metal in the form of Sterilizer and Strapping Young Lad. The ‘Lad are easy enough to find, and you should all own at least one album […]

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