Metal Monday 23.5.15 – “Happy people have no stories”


Released on 22nd of May 1995, this was the pre release single for the band’s third record on A&M. This record marked a change in the band’s punk rock leanings of their early albums, most notably on the vocals and cello version of Husker Du’s “Diane”. “Stories” however is quite simply, a kick ass rock song […]

Review: Unmothered – “U M B R A”


“U M B R A” by Unmothered opens with a riff that shook me to my core. “Magnetar” starts off with said awesome riff on it’s own, and while it’s going you’re thinking “is this going to be mid tempo? Will there be blast beats? What am I in for?”. What I was in for […]

Review: Boilerman s/t on 10″ Vinyl


In a word, the new self-titled offering from Boilerman is a riot. The longest of the five tracks, “Weak Week”, clocks in at a whopping 2:33. In fact, if you’ve got approximately nine minutes, you can listen to the whole thing. This is not a criticism, though – it’s a blazing fast nine minutes that […]

Review: Noisem – “Blossoming Decay” w/ Bonus Interview


Noisem are a Baltimore five piece who, for me, have put out one of the best metal records of the year. Not only that, it’s the type of metal record that sounds like it belongs in 2015. A bunch of other albums I’ve heard this year sound like they belong in the era that they’re […]

“We don’t come up with ideas, as much as they just sort of exist already…” – An Interview with Green Elder


Prior to hearing Green Elder last year, I was largely ignorant of the neo-folk sound, but I quickly discovered that it is something I’ve wanted for a long time. On their latest release, Offering, Green Elder explore the summer environment – the time of rapid growth and rampant natural activity. There’s a ton I could […]

The Return of the Unappreciated Scholars Podcast on AggroDriver ’81


I’ve been kicking around the idea of relaunching our podcast as a mini-cast for a few months. The idea came from a libsyn podcast that focused entirely on podcasting 100% from an Android device. Enter: AggroDriver ’81 and an On Demand platform. Essentially, the requirements for On Demand content call for 7-10 minute blocks of […]

Unappreciated Album of the Month, May 2015: Diamond Head – Lightning to the Nations

Diamond Head - Lightning to the Nations

Diamond Head are, sadly, a prime example of “what might have been?” – if there was ever an official Unappreciated Band, Diamond Head would be in the discussion to be the top representative. There’s plenty written about the long and strange history of Diamond Head. There’s no need to regurgitate that. But specifically, Lightning to […]

Metal Monday 11.5.15 – “I am the man who walks alone…”


On this day in 1992, Iron Maiden would release a notable album. They probably didn’t realise at the time that it wouldn’t be notable for the music, but for the fact that it was the last to feature Bruce Dickinson until his return to the band in 1999 for “Brave New World”. Dickinson had joined […]

Review: Dany Laj and The Looks – Word On The Street


With summer rolling around the corner, you see everyone preparing in many different ways. Think heading to the gym, swimsuit shopping, vacation planning. I, like all other music nerds, make a playlist. I like to include airy guitar riffs, enticing vocals and a sense of lightheartedness.  These are the  sounds that encompass the feeling of […]

Review: Sisters Of… – “The Serpent, The Angel, and The Adversary”


Instrumental records can be tough going at times. Most times, bands will try to make the music as overly complicated as possible to compensate for the lack of vocals. On their debut full length, following on from EP “Follow Me As A Ghost”, Sisters Of… take the opposite direction. Not to say that the music […]