UnHomework Challenge #2 – Best Bands/Artists We Need to Know


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  1. Alex Garcia Alex Garcia
    April 1, 2013    

    Band – Paradise Lost

    Description – In my opinion, the most underrated band in the history of metal. From their early days as a dark/gothic act (arguably, the creators of the gothic metal genre), to their polished, more accessibe sound fused with electronic sounds(drawing comparisons to Europop giants Depeche Mode), and, finally, coming full circle and reconnecting with their gothic roots. Definitely worth a listen if you’ve never heard them before.

    Recommended albums – “Gothic”;
    “Draconian Times”; “Host”; “Paradise Lost”.

    • TheShrevest TheShrevest
      April 1, 2013    

      Alex, do you mind please visiting the actual contest page and entering in your info? Otherwise I’m afraid your entry might get lost in the shuffle.

      Thank you, sir!

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